Facing Our Greatest Temptation – A Sermon On Luke 4:1-13

I love this, because it is about going deeper into who we really are, not settling for a more shallow self-understanding. Being called, and responding from the depths.

Interrupting the Silence

Detail of the Fall of Man by By Hugo van der Goes, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

What comes to mind when you think about temptation? What tempts you? What is your greatest temptation today?  

I ask those questions because I think what we often call a temptation isn’t really a temptation. We often think about temptations as a struggle between ourselves and some other thing or person. We’re tempted to have another glass of wine or a second dessert. We’re tempted to give him or her a piece of our mind. We’re tempted to cheat on our taxes or tell a lie. We’re tempted by an attractive woman or man.

Those might be bad decisions, and we should probably say no, but I’m not sure they are temptations. I’ve begun to realize that my temptations aren’t a struggle between me and some other thing or person. They are a…

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