“Let Me See Again” – A Sermon On Mark 10:46-52

To see better, to see deeper, to see farther, and to look upwards are all part of this wonderful Gospel of the Blind Bartimaeus. THANK YOU!

Interrupting the Silence

Healing the Blind Man of Jericho by Unknown Author – Codex Egberti, Fol 31, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Most of you have heard enough of my preaching that you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I don’t want us to literalize today’s gospel (Mark 10:46-52) and make it about only physical blindness and sight. We often hear this story and think of blindness and seeing in their outward forms. But what about inward blindness and seeing? I think this story is bigger than outward and physical blindness or seeing. I think it’s a universal story that every one of us experiences even if our vision is 20/20. So let me ask you a few questions.


Do you ever feel like you are in the dark? I don’t mean that someone turned off the lights around you, but that the light within you is no longer…

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