Prince Caspian

(Book 2 in the Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis)

The Chronicles of Narnia are some of my favorite books. (I also love the Oz books). I got the Prince Caspian second book, on audio, because of the headache I got from the vaccine, so I was delighted to have someone read to me. It turns out that the wonderful voice reading the story is Lynn Redgrave. I highly recommend all the books, but this is one of my favorites! I love Narnia, and I go back and read the books every few years, when I have forgotten the stories, but sort of remember the general gist. I had forgotten that the woods come to help fight the great battle against the Telmarines, and that the trees wade in the earth, as they come forward. Maybe this is a bit of extension of the metaphor from Shakespeare in Macbeth– “til Burnham woods do come to Dunsinane”. CS Lewis has a wonderful imagination, and I believe there is a deep consciousness of good and evil in the stories. I had not realized until reading the book “Becoming Mrs. Lewis” that he fought in WW1, in the Somme, at age 19. His experience of war and probably also of the despair and PTSD of being a soldier in that disastrous event shaped his whole later life. I think the story where Lucy is the only one who can SEE Aslan, because she happens to be the youngest, is poignant. AND I LOVE Trufflehunter, the badger, who says that the animals don’t change, they stay loyal and true. Where others can betray and switch sides because they seem to see a new advantage, he stays loyal and true all the way through. It is a great book!

3 thoughts on “Prince Caspian

  1. M, Me, Too! Adored Narnia – discovered the books when the kids were small….then there were the movies! Happy Post Easter… I am packing…and packing…17 boxes so far and so much more to do! Sat, we drive from San Jose to Santa Rosa to watch The Boys play Tball. xxoo k

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    1. I have neglected the blog, it just feels too much like trying to be heard in a room with people all trying at once to talk! But thanks for reading and replying. I am hoping to see you now that you are nearer! ❤


  2. Thanks! It is wonderful that you are getting to have the joy of a new home and hearth, and the right setting for your loving heart. If you haven’t read the book “Becoming Mrs. Lewis” consider it– it is so beautiful, as she grows more deeply in love with and becomes the partner in writing with, and finally the wife of C.S. Lewis. Love, martina


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