Gazing into the Face of a New Beginning – A Christmas Sermon on Luke 2:1-20

YES! This is what I meant to say… but Michael said it so much better. God’s desire for us and for the world!

Interrupting the Silence

Baby-oneminuteoldShe gave birth, wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger. It’s all rather matter of fact as St. Luke tells it (Luke 2:1-20; Christmas Eve). It sounds like it could be any birth. It was probably like a lot of births throughout the world today. A newborn, a blanket of sorts, and a makeshift crib. “Good news of great joy,” the angel called this birth. So what does this child bring us? He can’t walk or talk. He can’t feed or care for himself. He can’t really do much at all. Despite all this, however, the angel declares this child to be our Savior, our Messiah, our Lord. So what does he offer us? Why would God choose to come among us and enter our world as a newborn baby? What do we see in this child? What draws us to this night?


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